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There are lots of “brand experts” out there. How do you separate the career consultants from valued advisors?

We suggest you look beyond the glossy brochures and the over-produced websites. Ask questions. Does your consulting firm have hands-on experience that is relevant and transferable to your brand?


Brand Strategy
Insightful, strategic thinking is a good start but it’s only part of the process. If the strategy can’t be readily executed or easily communicated, you’re left with an academic exercise—a starting point, a finish line and no way to bridge the gap.

The Halogen Group recognizes that there’s more to brand strategy than delivering a white paper. Much more. Halogen creates actionable strategies and sees the process through from first insight to proof of concept.


New Business Development
Experience is everything. Halogen’s founder has developed a reputation for identifying opportunities that others overlooked. And created new product niches in the process.

Championing new concepts, new products, new business models ahead of the curve is not always a popular position to stake out. But you can’t forge new business strategies with an eye on the rear view mirror.

Choose a partner with a penchant for calculated risk-taking and a track record of making those bets pay off. That’s accountability.


Consumer Insight
The market is talking; are you listening?

Not long ago, key initiatives were formulated internally and then sprung on the marketplace. To no one’s surprise, new products never gained traction; new marketing campaigns fell on deaf ears.

There’s a better way. To reap the rewards of market analysis you need an ally that’s resourceful and reliable—a firm that knows how to listen to the market and translate consumer insights into viable opportunities for your business.


MarCom and Messaging
Study after study illustrates that consumers are overwhelmed and over-marketed—bombarded with more information and responding to less.

More than ever, your messaging has to be creative and laser-targeted to rise above the clutter. That’s a tall task. But one made easier when you partner with a firm that understands the totality of the marketing process. Halogen knows how to frame and communicate your message. Its founder has produced award-winning packaging and displays, press releases that were re-printed verbatim and placed product on network television.


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