The Halogen Group works with clients to amplify their intellectual property.

Halogen’s founder, Brian Searchinger, brings a valuable perspective to the licensing process. Equally experienced as a licensor and licensee, Mr. Searchinger is familiar with the nuances of negotiating agreements that are balanced and sustainable.


Trademark Licensing
Through well-crafted trademark licensing programs, clients seamlessly extend their brands into new categories, markets and distribution channels. Interested in growing your customer base? Testing your brand’s elasticity? Licensing your trademarks may be the ideal strategy.

Licensing enables strong brands to expand awareness — not overhead. Try to imagine an internally driven initiative that demands fewer resources — both human and capital — and delivers a greater ROI than licensing. It’s virtually impossible. Licensing eliminates the costs associated with bringing a new product to market — from R & D through sales commissions — and provides a variety of benefits:

• Enhancing brand awareness
• Extending brand reach
• Developing a new and predictable revenue stream


Patent Licensing
From a distance, the concept of patent licensing resembles trademark licensing; on closer examination patent licensing is an entirely different animal.

Whether you’re an individual inventor or the manager of a patent portfolio, you’re probably aware of a simple reality: It is far easier to secure a patent than it is to commercialize it. Which explains why the vast majority of patents never make it to the stream of commerce.

Bringing your patent into the marketplace may not be your strong suit. (After all, you’re an inventor not a marketing executive with years of experience in licensing.) You need the support of an organization that can provide sound counsel, develop a licensing program and solicit a suitable partner as a licensee.

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